12 August 2019, 04:14

Currently debating on which party I should vote to on the Israeli Elections of September 2019.
You might be asking yourself: Iddo, there had already been an election in Israel earlier this year! Why the heck are those jews holding another one?
Well, to put it in a nutshell: Israel, being a parliamentary democracy, is having another national election due to Benjamin Nethanyahu's inability to form a government.
It's kind of a long story, and I'm lazy. Let's skip it.

Regarding the question of "who the fuck am I going to vote for", I have no idea.
I used to think I leaned left economically, but was more right-leaning in a nationalist fashion.

Thing is, I have yet to really identify myself with an ideology.
I have yet to fully read the Karl Marx manifesto, and nonetheless it already seems too naive for me, as far as I'm concerned.
On the other hand, mindless capitalism that doesn't take into account the suffering of those who are less fortunate, is also something that I don't agree with.

My real knowledge of politics stems in current events and some history, and my interest in ideologies is fairly new, so picking a party to vote for is not an easy task.

In the elections earlier this year I gave my vote to the centrist "Blue and White" party, that gained many seats in the parliament, having offered themselves as an alternative to P.M. Nethanyahu, whom many people consider to be corrupted and loathsome.

But this time around, I'm thinking to myself: Isn't there someone more... Daring, I could be giving my voice to?
Choosing a right-wing party is basically a no-no. All of them are ultrareligious and anti-secular. Yikies.
The only options that seemed interesting is the new union that had been formed in the Israeli left. They call it The Democratic Union.


However, this union, from a nationalist standpoint, makes for quite the dilemma, since one of the parties who form it, Meretz, is historically identified with anti-Israeli centiments.

Being very clueless about everything, I went and took a bunch of political tests online.
They didn't really help me reach any conclusions, but I'm uploading them anyways, lol.

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