Iddo's Bizzare Computing

Feeling regretfully nostalgic. Also, the banter is within me.

So today I ran into an old family flash drive while trying to set up Emby for my TV.
It had a bunch of pretty ancient family pictures: ones where my grandfather was still alive, my father still had a head full of hair, my sister was still cute and totally not a meanie (don't tell her that part :S).
Seeing myself, a handsome little twat, still innocent and happy, was a real emotional rollercoaster for me, and also made me feel very nostalgic.
And also regretful to a degree, in the sense that those times are gone now, and maybe I didn't do enough to try to stay that way (which is probably just bullcrap, but let me feed myself lies, I hear it does wonders for your mental health).
I started noticing photos of myself looking rather sad from 2011 onwards. Wonder what happened during that period of time.

Anyways, among the photos I also found a backup I made for some of my files, which dates all the way back to 2009 (!)
On an unprecedented nostalgia spree, I decided that I'd take it upon myself as a mission, to find and backup every single file I can from 2015 and earlier.
All of these files basically reside in two spots:
* My old computer from 2007
* The laptop my dad once won in a lottery in like 2009
* Maybe more flash drives and CD/DVD disks around the house

... Well, easier said than done.
Ye olde DELL laptop is, as for the time this post was written, MISSING IN ACTION.
I wonder if my mom might have thrown it away by accident or something.
I'll keep looking for it anyways.

As far as flash drives and old disks go, I'll be on the lookout.
It's pretty late here and I'm kind of lazy anyways, so I won't be doing the hunt tonight.
It'll have to happen some other day. I'll update once I get to it.

Which, how convenient, leaves us with the old computer from 2007.

First thing first, I told myself, I have to get some of the dust out.
"It's probably going to blow up if I try to just plug'n'play my way into getting these files!" - I thought to myself, taking pride in my superior intelect.
That's when I realized that I was actually just making a mess, with dust sullying everything on the balcony while I blow at the computer with my sister's hairdryer.
Also, I forgot to clean the GPU properly, so when I finally cleaned everything up, the computer would just beep for like four times and not actually turn on.

When it finally did, I realized I had tried to turn it into a fucking KODI machine running Debian like 3 years ago.

All this work for nothing.
I didn't even remember the password for the root user.
And even if I did, this computer was already done for.
Gets stucks instantly when I try to do anything.

It was time for the big guns, I told myself.
It's time to put my technical skills on the line.

It's time... To get into action!

Tearing the computer apart.
GTFO, stupid screws!
Get out of my way, sata and power supply connections!

... Thing is, it doesn't even FIT into the case of my new computer, so I had to just, you know,

Well, that was fun.


Aaaanyways, fter hooking the hard drive to a sata port, and what seems to be a suspicious cable coming from the power supply, it finally worked!
My old hard drive has finally been detected! :D
I couldn't find a lot of sensible stuff on that computer, though.
Mostly old .txt files where a younger me rambled about things 2012 me would ramble about (made me shed some tears, though :X).
Oh, and a bunch of bi-lingual pre-2013 memes too, I guess!
I'm going to start a page where I'll share every old meme I can find.
It's currently in construction, so I'll link it
when I'm done.

This mission has yet to come to an end, although it might not end in the near future.
Stay tuned!